Saturday, 24 April 2010

Training at AKRINE 23-24 January 2010

It has been a while since I last update my blog... a year! wow.

Anyhow one of my friend, Ikram commented that I should put up something regarding my recent training in Kuala Lumpur. So Ikram... here goes..
My training was different than any of my oversea training whereby I went there under my own expense..going alone.. and for Islamic Healing Practice particularly regarding ailments connected to jinn and withcraft.

I have been following a blog; - AKRINE (Akademi Rawatan Islam Nur Ehsan- run by Ustaz Majid) for quite a while and thus made a decision to go there for the 23-24 Jan training.

Its was quite a leap of faith to go there alone as I have never went to Kuang, Selangor. Only upon landing at KLIA around 10pm I received a sms from Ustaz Majid stating directions to go there.

Anyone interested to go there here is the exact copy of Ustaz Majid's sms to me. "Sampai KLIA, naik kete api ke KL SENTRAL. Pas tu naik komuter arah ke rawang, turun sg buloh. naik taxi ke akrine rm 12. LOT 2894, LRG BERINGIN, BT 17 KUANG. Msuk lrg beringin 2km, hga jumpa signboard akrine."

Along the way I simply put my trust & faith to Allah, as a lot can happen... To cut the story short, Allah made my journey easy.. got to the right commuter train, got out at the right place, got a taxi driver that knows where the place is..(actually he knew the other Healing practise 'Pusat Rawatan Islam Manarah' which is on the same road).

Reach there just before midnite (ikram, you might remember exactly?).. I'll continue my story another time but here are some of pictures of the training..

My teacher, Ustaz Abdul Majid in action

Group picture.. myself on the far left

Getting my 'ijazah' from Guru Ustaz Abdul Majid

My new friends; (left to right) Ikram, myself, Zulkifli, Rohimin

With Tuan Guru himself

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